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Grace Fellowship has an important update for you.  As many of you have heard this last Monday, April 27th, our Governor announced that churches could resume meeting in our county while maintaining social distancing guidelines. 

And suddenly I felt elated and concerned all at the same time.

It was weird. I felt relieved and stressed.

Naturally I couldn’t wait to see my church family again. I miss you guys! And my job would go back to normal— whatever that is. Now I wouldn’t have to spend hours and hours hunched over editing videos. Don’t worry- its a labor of love. But we could finally do ministry in person and see how the Lord was using us. 

But then it hit me. We aren’t ready for this. In order to return to gathering together in person at Grace Fellowship,  

we have to be responsible and put social distancing systems in place like so many of the great businesses around Pella. 

We need to make sure we can do church in a way that doesn’t just care for our flock but also cares for this wonderful community that we have been blessed be a part of. 

I talked with our elders, and we decided that we have some important prep work ahead of us to ensure we are about to facilitate the social distancing that is still needed to flatten the curve and keep our neighbors safe. 

Yes we were given freedom with Monday’s announcement, but in 1 Corinthians 10:23-24 Paul tells us what to do with our freedoms. 

Read 1 Corinthians 10:23-24

We have to be good stewards with our freedoms, this means we have to be patient and do as Paul says: make sacrifices for the greater good. 

Yes we are free, but we are still under the rule of Christ. Who commands us to love God and love our neighbor. 

Our leadership embraces that command wholeheartedly. So we made a tough decision and decided that Grace Fellowship is not ready to meet this Sunday. We need more time to do this- the right way. Which why Grace Fellowship will continue to meet this Sunday on Facebook LIVE at 10am. 

But a portion of our council is meeting tomorrow night to discuss when we will meet in person and what we need to do to make that happen in the best possible way.  We will keep you updated.  Please be praying for us. Feel free to send your concerns, questions, ideas and encouragements to 

And this news might be discouraging for some, I understand, but know that our leadership loves you. We hope you see that love in the efforts and decisions we make. And we hope our neighbors experience the love of Jesus through our loving efforts as well.

With any new freedoms we acquire in the next few weeks- lets remember to love like Jesus. We will keep you updated. Thank you.

Pastor Chris 

So here is how we will meet for the foreseeable future:

Grace Fellowship will be LIVE on Facebook every Sunday at 10am!

Tune in at 10am on the Grace Fellowship Facebook page for a full streamed service (worship, message etc.). Tune back in at 10:45am for fellowship, prayer and blessing on Facebook LIVE.  This live stream will post directly to:

Wednesday Night Youth Group at 6:30pm on our Facebook Page

Please let us know how you are doing via We want to pray for you and find creative ways to minister to you during this time (because nothing isolates us from the love of Jesus). Join us in reaching out via phone, email, text, and social media to those who are sick, self-quarantined or worried. We want to embody the care and compassion of God during this time. 

Lastly please check the church website, and our Facebook page, for further updates. 


Grace and peace,

Pastor Chris