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Family and friends of Grace fellowship,

We have some good news. The moment we’ve been waiting for is here. This Sunday at 10am you are invited to join us as we return to our worship center. Let that sink in for a moment. Finally, we get to reach up, reach out and grow together in the same space.

But to ensure we continue to care for those who are vulnerable to Covid-19 in our church family and our community- we have created a social distancing system from the moment you arrive in the parking lot to the moment you are sent out by the blessing. 

It must be said that we aren’t doing these things out of fear but out of love. So remember this is how we love our neighbor!

First, we are requiring everyone to RSVP. This will help us to arrange our seats in the sanctuary according to households while maintaining 6 feet in-between each household. So send those RSVPs with how many are in your household to Please do that before Saturday morning! 

And when you arrive at the GF site- we are asking that you and your family keep 6 feet between yourselves and others from the parking lot to your seats in the sanctuary. Because this is how we will “love thy neighbor!”

There will be sanitizer and face-masks at the front doors for those who don’t have their own. Because we are requesting that everyone wear face-masks when coming and going, and while singing, but feel free to take them off during the sermon. And remember this is how we will love our neighbor! 

We will help direct you to your seats- but please, please, please be at church on time this week. You know who you are… we need everyone to be at church at 10am or sooner, so we don’t have to interrupt worship to direct incoming traffic. 

And our service will be shorter than normal- for two reasons- to be mindful of our children’s attention spans- because we don’t want to have a Lord of the Flies moment on our hands. And to limit restroom use. Now the restrooms are available if needed. But the less use the better. And we need everyone to spray down the surfaces they touched with the cleaners on the back of each toilet and by the sink. That is another way we will love our neighbor!

Finally, we will receive the blessing and excuse each party in an orderly fashion. Why? Because we love our neighbor. 

For those who can’t come on Sunday because of health concerns or not feeling comfortable yet- we will be streaming our service for you on the Grace Fellowship Facebook page. Expect to hear more news about that in the next few days!

And remember this is how we love our neighbor!

Grace and peace,

Pastor Chris