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Many families struggle to grow in their faith together. There are a lot of parents that feel ill-equipped when opening a Bible with their child (i.e. “How do I explain Exodus 4:24-26 to my eight-year old?”). Many parents feel out of their depth when teaching their kids the practice of prayer (i.e. “How do we listen to God?”). There are also a lot of Christian couples who struggle to bring spiritual intimacy into their marriage. 
So it’s become quite normal for families to leave faith formation up to “the professionals” (i.e. the church staff, small group leaders, youth group volunteers or Christian school teachers etc.). But what if we were meant to grow in God together? As we read scripture, it becomes quite clear that it was always God’s plan for the family unit to be ground zero for spiritual growth. 
This is why we are doing a special family message series in January. We will even have children (young and old) involved in the service because we really value worshipping together. Even the messages will be geared toward the whole family. This is a golden opportunity for you to learn more about reading God’s Word together, praying together, serving together, and growing together.