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Our Latest Sermon Series

On Oct 6 we are launching a new series, “Romans”. Reformer Martin Luther professed, “ Paul’s letter to the Romans is purest Gospel.” “Romans” was a breathe of fresh air to those struggling with sin. It was a surprise invitation to those living outside God’s community. It was clear that Paul’s declaration, “Jesus saves” was spreading like wildfire in Rome. The winds of change were sweeping through every street.

Each sentence in this book was a shot fired across the bows of the Roman Empire and it’s propaganda. When talking about Jesus, Christians actually hijacked Caesar’s self-prescribed titles of “lord” and “savior”. They were unashamed to profess that Jesus is the only Lord who can save the world. New Testament theologian/historian, NT Wright notes, “Romans is written to Caesar’s city but with message very different from that of Caesar himself”.

Today’s world may look different but the problems are basically the same. Our struggles still include sin and the search for identity and community. We still need Paul’s Lord and Savior. Every week we will cover rich topics like God’s faithfulness, adoption into his family and what it truly means to be alive. This is a great series to invite family, friends and coworkers etc.

We are also launching two Romans small groups in October! These groups will last about 6 weeks. Here's what to expect: warm couches, pumpkin latte fu-fu drinks, open Bibles and laughter. You should join us! This will be a great way to connect with others and learn more about Romans. One group meets on Tuesday nights at the church at 6:30pm. For more information please email Fred and Marianne at The other one meets on Sunday nights at 6pm at Pastor Chris'' home. That one will have childcare. Please email Pastor Chris for more information at on this group.