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Our new sermon series, “Soul Care: 12 Spiritual Disciplines for Renewal and Transformation” begins on August 21. It is an understatement to say that the last six months have taken their toll on humanity. It has become quite “normal” to endure multiple bouts with fatigue throughout the pandemic. To further compound things many people are struggling to find direction and stability in a world divided on almost everything.

 So how do we make the best of the rest of 2020? Here is the short answer: we reconnect with the one who created and sustains us. In Matthew 11, Jesus offers rest for the human soul. Our Savior actually wants to carry our burdens and help us to “live lighter”.  For the next 3 months we will unpack the 12 spiritual disciplines compiled by theologian and author Richard Foster (i.e. meditation, confession, fasting etc.) that we find in scripture to aid us in giving Jesus our burdens and “living lighter”. Join us during this series as we experience deep renewal and transformation during 2020.