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Pastor's Corner -  May 26th

We live in a world that prides its self in ingenuity and progress. There is an obsession with being cutting edge and moving forward. But a heavy focus on the future can come at the expense of learning from the past. Our culture does little to appreciate the advice of those who have gone before us. Thankfully God’s Word bucks this trend: “Stand up in the presence of the elderly, and show respect for the aged. Fear your God. I am the LORD” (Leviticus 19:32). In the church each person has a part to play and God placed elders in our midst to mentor, encourage and advise us. Those living in their “Twilight years” still have so much to offer to the family of Christ. 

One of my favorite youth workers (who was in his 70s at the time) would often joke, “I’m getting to old for this _______.” But he also knew that we never retire from the work of God’s kingdom. In fact the Holy Spirit enables “old men [and women] to dream new dreams” (Acts 2:17). As Frank Sinatra put it, “Fairy tales can come true. It can happen to you if you're young at heart.”  The Spirit empowers every disciple (regardless of age) to believe that God makes all things new, which means we are never too old to participate in the ministry of the Lord. Jesus can teach “old dogs new tricks!” The “autumn years” can actually be a season of newness. A time to be born again. So may you embrace the “golden years” like a child of God. 

This week let’s honor, listen and learn from those who have gone before us. Let’s remember how the Lord used our elders in his great plan to spread his love and truth throughout the earth. Let’s never grow too old to believe that God makes all things new. Which includes me and you!

~Pastor Chris




I Am Going to Take a Break...

November 11, 2018
By Pastor Piet Van Waarde

I am going to take a one week break from my series on Five Lessons I Have Learned from Being a Rebel to address the potential “elephant in the room” with regard to Chris’ joining us this weekend.

A number of people have asked me how I am doing with all this, and I can say with both confidence and delight, I am doing great.  Truly!  I love watching God shape the future of Grace Fellowship. 

Carol and I knew that our season of ministry would be brief in Pella and we still feel like that was/is God’s plan for us.  That said, we have grown to love the mission and the people of the church, which is why we love seeing the Lord’s hand at work.

Candidly, it has been inspiring to be a part of the search process with PST.  Vanderbloemen has served us really well.  Given their credibility and network, we were able to attract over 100 potential candidates. The team at VBG did all the heavy-lifting on the front end and they presented us with four very qualified candidates. Chris rose to the top of the list, because of his relevant experience and training, relational capacity, philosophic compatibility, personal style and family connections in the area.

I cannot speak for the whole committee, but personally, I think he fits our profile extremely well. I am praying that this will be confirmed for him and us in numerous ways over the weekend. If that is not the way it goes, I am still confident that God has a way forward for us. He cares more deeply about our fruitful future than we do!

Dear friends, know that I will be quite mindful of you in the days ahead.

Lord lead on!

~Pastor Piet

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