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Acts 2:45 Policy

Acts 2:45 Policy

Grace Fellowship Christian Reformed Church

Pella, Iowa

Grace Fellowship utilizes the Acts 2:45 fund to assist with requests for financial assistance when appropriate. The following steps will be followed when requests for financial assistance are received:

1.       A need will be identified by an individual church member or small group member on behalf of themselves or another individual.

2.       The initial information, as follows, will be given to the Deacon of Benevolence:

a.       Contact info.

b.       Relationship to the church (member, friend of a member, Wednesday night affiliation).

c.        Basic need request.

3.       The Deacon of Benevolence will document and track all request information.

4.       The Deacon of Benevolence will contact the person in need to confirm:

a.       Name, phone, address, and any other contact info of the requestor.

b.       Specific need request amount.

c.        Name of the company, contact name, and “send to” address. (Assistance should not be given as cash or a check directly to the individual.)

d.       Additional questions:

                                                               i.      What brought them to the point of needing assistance?

                                                             ii.      What are they doing to ensure this doesn’t become a routine need?

                                                            iii.      Do they have an additional support system?

                                                            iv.      Do they have a church home?

5.       Following contact with the individual, the Deacon of Benevolence will share the information with at least one other Deacon, and together they will decide regarding whether assistance will be given, and if so, how much. General guidelines of how much assistance should be given:

a.       Member/regular attender of Grace Fellowship: 50-100% of request, depending on need and amount requested.

b.       Friend of Grace member/regular attender: 50% of request, maximum of $250.

c.        Wednesday night affiliation: 50% of request, depending on need and amount requested.

6.       A receipt should attempt to be received. All receipts should be attached to the document tracking the request.

7.       If helpful, or if requests are received frequently for the same individual/family, an attempt will be made to set them up with other types of assistance such as financial counseling through the Well, etc.

8.       An annual report will be shared with the congregation to show how the Acts 2:45 fund has been used and the types of assistance that have been given. Individual information will be kept confidential – the report will just include overall categories of assistance.

Revised policy date: 06/03/19

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