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Credit Card Policy

Credit Card Policy

Grace Fellowship Christian Reformed Church

Pella, Iowa

Grace Fellowship will issue credit cards to church staff if they are requested by the staff person and approved by the Treasurer. The use of the card is restricted for church ministry related purchases only, personal use is not allowed. Church credit cards may not be used for “cash advances.”  Failure to follow this policy or the correct procedures may result in credit card privileges being revoked.

1. Any staff person requesting the use of a church credit card must sign the Credit Card Use Staff Acceptance Form and be given a copy of the Credit Card Policy and Credit Card Use Procedure.

2. When employment with Grace Fellowship is completed, the staff person will return the church credit card to the Administrative Assistant immediately.

3. The Treasurer may cancel a church credit card, demand the return of any church credit card, or revoke credit card privileges at any time and for any cause.

4. There will be a church credit card issued to the Administrative Assistant that may be used on behalf of other church staff to make purchases at their request.

Purchases on a church credit card must be supported by original invoices or receipts. The original receipts or invoices must be given to the church’s Administrative Assistant within ten (10) days of the purchase to allow the Administrative Assistant to verify the charges on the monthly billing statement. The staff member making the purchase should note on the receipt or invoice the budgeted line item that the purchase should be credited against. Any charge on the monthly statement that has not been validated by an original receipt or invoice, or is not substantiated as a church ministry expense, will result in that amount being subtracted from future reimbursements or the responsible staff person’s wages.

Policy revision date: 06/03/19

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