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Emergency Contact Policy

Emergency contact Policy

Grace Fellowship Christian Reformed Church

Pella, Iowa

It is the responsibility of Grace Fellowship to have a plan for how to respond to emergency situations. An emergency is defined as any unplanned event that can cause physical injury to anyone on Grace Fellowship property or can cause property damage to any of Grace Fellowship’s property. Anyone becoming aware of an emergency at Grace Fellowship should follow the following steps:

1.  In the case of a medical emergency or an emergency warranting police or fire department involvement, 911 should immediately be called.

2.  In the case of an emergency requiring someone to provide access to the church (such as an after hours emergency), the following individuals have keys to the church and can be contacted for assistance:

       - Pastor

       - Elders & Deacons

       - Staff

       - Other members who help with church maintenance needs

3.  A list with specific contact names and numbers, listed in order of closest proximity to the church, will be provided to City of Pella emergency response providers for them to keep on file. Any changes to the contact list will be communicated to the emergency response providers by the Administrative Assistant.

4.  Following any emergency, notifications will be completed as necessary. This may include notifying the Grace Fellowship insurance agent, etc.

Initial policy date: 10/01/19