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Missions Policy


Grace Fellowship Christian Reformed Church

Pella, Iowa

It is the responsibility of the Mission Team, led by a designated Deacon, to support the church’s efforts in reaching out to others with the gospel by communicating to others that all people matter to God and to articulate the message of salvation in a way that respects wherever people are on their spiritual journey.

It is the desire of Grace Fellowship to reflect God’s heart for those who are unable to care for themselves because they lack the necessary resources. This can also include victims of natural disaster or famine, etc. For this reason, the Missions Team oversees the following activities.

Four Corners Offering

Grace Fellowship takes a “4 corners” offering every Sunday, in addition to the regular offering that goes toward the budget of the church.

1. Each week, when the “regular” offering is announced, we will also give a brief “vision” sentence about the 4 corners offering and let the church know where the money will be going for the month. Members are encouraged to bring at least a dollar every week for 4 corners, above their standard tithe, to help keep the poor on our minds.

2. The 4 corners offering will be taken by encouraging people to put their gift in one of the boxes set in each corner of the worship center.

3. We will alternate between local, national, and international causes as recipients of the 4 corners offering. Organizations that carry out their cause in the name of Jesus are preferred, but we are not limiting ourselves to them. We do not select any partisan organizations that focus on political advocacy or awareness.

4. The Mission team (with oversight by the deacons) selects the beneficiaries of the 4 corners offering. They can alter the plan as needed throughout the year to allow for flexibility for world crises or time-specific causes that are brought to light.

5. The 4 corners offering will be counted by the counting team at the same time as the regular offering is counted and will be deposited into the specifically designated bank account.

6. The amount collected for the month will be reported to the congregation in a weekly email following the close of each month.

Special Offerings

The Missions Team is responsible for recommending recipient causes for additional offerings such as the Thanksgiving offering.

Short Term Mission Trips

1. The mission fund is available to encourage members, regular attenders and youth to participate in mission efforts and provide funds for Grace Fellowship sponsored mission events or trips.

2. The “Mission Request Form” is used to request financial assistance to participate on a mission trip not sponsored by Grace Fellowship. Grace Fellowship will write the check directly to the organization the trip is through. Typical assistance is 50% of the cost of the trip, up to $1000. If additional funds are needed, the Mission Team will be responsible for evaluating the request and determining whether to approve the increase.

Missionary Support

The Missions Team acts as the liaison with mission agencies and missionaries supported by Grace Fellowship.


The Missions Team helps coordinate and/or lead fundraising efforts that promote missional activities.

Initial policy date: 06/03/19

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