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Offering Counting Policy

Offering Counting Policy

Grace Fellowship Christian Reformed Church

Pella, Iowa

After every Sunday service, both the general offering and the 4-corners offering will be counted by two designated “counters.” Those who collect the general offering during the service will put the baskets into the office when it has been collected. One of the counters will need to collect the 4-corners offerings from the boxes.

Guidelines for offering counters.

  • There will always be two designated counters – one must be a current deacon, the second may be a member of the finance team or a past council member. The two counters for a specific day should not be spouses.
  • One of the counters will count the cash offering, while the other enters checks and cash into the computer system. Specific instructions for how to use the computer system are kept in a gray metal box in the locked file cabinet.
  • Counters need to be methodical in ensuring that checks are getting deposited into the correct fund based on any specific designations written on the check. Checks without a specific designation will be deposited into the general fund.
  • Counters may shut the door to the office while counting if helpful in order to cut down on distractions. To ensure the deposit statement matches the actual checks, it is recommended that the cash counter also total up the checks to ensure the amounts match.
  • Special offerings will be counted and entered into the computer system by the treasurer and two current deacons.
  • One copy of the computer-generated deposit statement should be placed in the treasurer’s mail. A second copy should be included in the bank bag along with the checks, cash, and specific fund deposit slips. One of the counters will be responsible for depositing the bank bag at Marion County Bank when they are finished.

Initial policy date: 06/03/19

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