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Tulip Time

Pella’s annual Tulip Time festival is an opportunity for Grace Fellowship to serve the community of Pella and our Tulip Time guests, plus experience the “Grow Together” aspect of our mission.  Our Grace Fellowship food stand is famous for making fresh and tasty Stroopwafels, as well as other specialty foods.  We work side by side with Grace members, volunteers from designated organizations and with friends of Grace to make the 3-day event a success each year.  Since we first started our Tulip Time activities, we have donated over $100,000 to our youth ministries and several charitable organizations in our community.  It takes many weeks of preparation, hundreds of volunteers, and we are usually very tired each year when Tulip Time is over.  Yet, the benefits of working together, building relationships, serving our community and helping to fund worthy causes outweighs the momentary tiredness.